Life Is Test

Ultimate AI

Every company in the world is trying to use AI to be more innovative and efficient.

If you think of building an AI product say a robot X, what all features you will include?

You need X to see around her. So you add a camera to X. As she sees around, you would like to capture it. To confirm the video was captured through X’s camera you would give a unique ID to it.

The world is darkness; knowledge is light;
but knowledge without truth is a mere shadow.

You need X to see speak. So you add a speaker to X. As she speaks, you would like to capture it. To confirm the speech was captured through X’s speaker you would give a unique ID to the voice.

You need X to see listen. So you add a microphone to X. As she listens, you would like to record it. To confirm the voice was listen through X’s microphone you would give a unique ID to it.

You need X to able to touch. So you add sensors to X. As she touches things around her, you would like to capture it. To confirm the touch was captured through X’s sensor you would give a unique ID to it identify its touch.

Now to get all these features working together, you would give X ability to think. You would give her intelligence, artificial intelligence. She will have choices to utilize all the features.

There will be necessities like battery charge, lifetime.

As you see, the analogy here is a human being. We have eyes with unique iris that confirms the things we have seen. We have unique voice that confirms our spoken words. We have our unique DNA that confirms our touches and the places we have been.

In my view there should be some uniqueness to confirm the things we listen. Hope science finds this one day.

We have intelligence to utilize ourselves, our intelligence being the ultimate form of AI.

Then we have necessities to eat, sleep, toilet.

The point I am highlighting is that why each and every thing we see, speak, listen or do has a uniqueness that confirms our view, words and actions.

Can this be by chance? Is there some being who have designed us? Someone who has given us unique stamp to identify all our deeds from birth to death?

If you still have doubt that this life is by chance, then you need to look yourself into the mirror and think again.

— Usman Gani